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Southern Pine

Southern Pine lumber remains the preferred choice for design/build professionals, providing great value in a wide variety of applications.

Southern Pine forests are some of the most productive and sustainable timberlands in the world, capturing large amounts of carbon from the air and storing it in lumber used every day.  Southern Pine is grown and manufactured in the U.S. South, further improving local economies, reducing transportation costs and minimizing impacts on the environment.

Advantages of using Southern Pine

  • Competitively priced because of an abundant timber supply.

  • Best Treatability - the cellular structure permits deep, uniform penetration of preservatives. Some 85% of all pressure treated wood produced in the U.S. is Southern Pine.

  • Southern Pine provides superior fastener holding power and load bearing capacity.

  • Southern Pine is an abundant and renewable resource, growing in a vast band across the Southern United States from East Texas to Virginia. These forests are in close proximity to hundreds of Southern Pine lumber manufacturing facilities.

CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) Pressure Treated Products

  • Free State Lumber is a producer of CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate), pressure treated wood timbers. CCA treated wood products are available for certain commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. We stock a full range of timber sizes and lengths, providing protection from termites and fungal decay.


  • Typical applications for CCA treated products:
    + Foundation Piling + Highway Uses + Agricultural Timbers and Poles + Livestock Fencing 

Visit for additional information about uses of CCA treated wood.

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